In the interest of collaboration and partnership, the professional team of Nocturne Studio actively participates in the realization of your event. It is not just a question of capturing a planned event in person, but to create a unique virtual event, while reinventing entertainment.

Facilitated by the team, each project is approached and developed according on your needs and expected results. The experience gained over the years, and especially the last few months, allows us to offer you versatile and adapted solutions.


We listen to the objectives, ideas and expectations related to your event. You are asked questions to broaden your thinking. The key players in the project and a timeline are identified.


We offer you innovative solutions to meet your need to create a unique event that suits your expectations. Together, we choose the necessary tools, steps and customization.


With great attention to detail and satisfaction, we organize your event according to the highest quality standards, in an environment that reflects your image and all the energy invested in the project.


The possibilities are as diverse as your imagination and your budget!

Here are a few solutions that are often offered:

  • Corporate events
  • Fundraising
  • Solo or group musical shows
  • Creative recordings
  • Webcasts of events
  • Recording and production of podcasts
  • Annual general meetings
  • Live round tables, conferences
  • Virtual auctions
  • Production of corporate capsules
  • Awards ceremonies - recognition activities - galas
  • Interactive symposiums and conferences presented over several days with simultaneous lectures
  • Networking in private rooms
  • E-gamin


Nocturne Studio is a unique ONE-STOP-SHOP, a necessary stop, where the only limits are those you impose on yourself!

  • Artistic direction and design
  • Design
  • Field production
  • Solo or multi-track audio production
  • Post production
  • Advanced platform customization
  • Graphics
  • Registration management Support
  • Highlighting of your sponsors
  • Personalized link for registrations and spectator access
  • Subtitling in post-production
  • Ticket system
  • Teleprompter
  • Acquisition of visuals from external sources like Keynote, PPT, Zoom, etc.
  • Integration of acquired virtual sets
  • Real-time image overlay
  • Personalization of questionnaires
  • Live chat


Regardless of your format, your event is delivered with the highest quality standards, in an environment with furniture, screens and lighting with cutting edge technology.

Nocturne Studio is a unique start up for presentations, live or recorded, for all your new generation digital content.

  • Motorized cameras
  • Autonomous system and fully integrated management
  • Dedicated network for broadcasting
  • Fiber reliability and redundancy option
  • Secure and private links
  • Secure platform to access events
  • Option to integrate with all other existing platforms
  • Use of the highest security protocols for access
  • Possibility of streaming up to FULL HD (1080p)


  • Flexible environment
  • Direct access to the facilities
  • Autonomous cameras
  • Accessible loading dock
  • Free parking
  • 7-foot grand piano on site
  • Possibility of caterer / lunch boxes
  • Accommodations upon request and as needed
  • Access to a workspace (printer, coffee, water)
  • Our team welcomes your customers
  • Space available for the CCM
  • Possibility for transmission to an external mobile unit
  • Professional, experienced and dedicated internal team
  • Wheelchair accessibility